Today’s world is becoming increasingly digital. From cellphones, laptops, and tablets to televisions, bluetooth, headphones, and the Google Home or Alexa on your countertop, many of us use several digital devices a day, and even though using these devices has simplified our lives, we may not realize the impact they’re having on our health.
We are all searching for methods to achieve and enjoy good health, but for some people, that goal seems just out of reach. You’re eating well, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and doing your best to get enough sleep. But even with all of that, you can’t seem to reach your optimal health. Instead, you may end up dealing with what’s called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. This condition often includes symptoms such as insomnia, frequent headaches, an inability to concentrate, reduced energy, and more. As a result, you try taking pain relievers or melatonin, or start drinking more coffee or energy drinks, and before you know it, your health begins to decline even more — all without solving the original issues.