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Once upon a time I was a huge sheep. I vaccinated my son until the age of 5. I honestly didn’t know that I could say “no”. The schools harass you about needing to be up to date, but they fail to mention about exemptions unless you ask for it.

My girlfriend one day openly said her kids weren’t vaccinated. I was like “You didn’t vaccinate your kids? What is wrong with you?!” We got into a few nasty fights. I couldn’t believe she didn’t vaccinate her kids. I told her it was against the law to send your kids to school without vaccines. She was like “no it’s not, they have exemptions!” I thought she was insane, but I decided to start following 5-10 anti vaccine extremists to see if they could change my mind. Because that’s what I do. If I feel strongly about a topic, I’ll follow people who believe the extreme opposite to see if they can convince me to change my mind. Because no one knows everything.

My girlfriend said there was going to be an event with speakers on the topic and told me she wanted me to go. I was still thinking she was absolutely crazy and that I was going to have a great laugh when this event ends because “there is no way our government would ever hurt us. They would never lie to us. If vaccines were bad, they would absolutely tell us”. That’s what I seriously thought. It’s embarrassing to admit.

So I went to the all day event with her and before I left, I spoke with someone who was a vaccine attorney and I said “I’m about to tell my son’s dad we are never vaccinating again. But I need to know my legal rights if he tells me he doesn’t agree”. I then texted Jordan’s dad and said “we are never vaccinating Jordan again”. He responded back with “you’re the mom and I trust your research”. That was that. It has never been brought up again.

I then wanted to research every disease, diagnoses, anything and everything that I could link back to vaccines. Jordan was vaccinated hours after being born. He had eye strabismus and had eye surgery at 2. I was able to link that back to vaccines.

I couldn’t stop researching.

And then I became passionate about the topic and I have never shut up about it since.

This picture was the day I said “never again will I ever vaccinate”.

Learn more about vaccines here.


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