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Updated: Sep 29, 2019

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Nascent Iodine

  1. Nascent Iodine is the Best Form of Supplemental Iodine -- Compared to any and all other iodine supplements, Global Healing Center's nascent iodine is the most easily absorbed and utilized form of iodine available.

  2. Nutritionally Supports the Thyroid -- Each drop of Detoxadine contains 650 micrograms of iodine to promote the normal iodine levels necessary to support the thyroid and encourage normal hormone balance.

  3. Promotes Detoxification -- Fluoride, chlorine, and bromine compete with iodine for the same thyroid receptors. Having enough iodine available helps defend and detoxify the thyroid against these toxic halogens.

  4. Unmatched Quality -- Unlike other iodine supplements which source iodine from the ocean, Detoxadine is created using 300 million-year-old salt deposits located 7,000 feet below the earth's surface. The result is an extremely pure and concentrated nascent iodine that is free of additives and toxins and also screened for radiation.

  5. Potent But Gentle Formula -- Detoxadine is nascent iodine in a vegetable glycerin base. Unlike alcohol based formulas, it has an extremely gentle taste and is appropriate for adults and children alike.

Shocking Statistics About Iodine

  • According to the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is a public health problem in 54 countries.

  • The CDC reports that iodine deficiency is one of the four major deficiency diseases in the world.

  • The 2013 USGS iodine commodity summary warns that there is no substitute for iodine.

  • According to UNICEF, iodine deficiency is the most avoidable cause of stunted physical and mental development.

What are the Health Benefits of Nascent Iodine?

  • Supports thyroid health.

  • Promotes balanced iodine levels in adults and children.

  • Encourages focus and a sharp mental state.

  • Supports breast milk production and quality.

  • Provides immune system support and defense against environmental toxins!

  • Detoxifies mercury, lead, and toxic halogens like bromide, fluoride, and chlorine.

  • Supports a healthy metabolism.

Why is Detoxadine the Best Nascent Iodine Available?

  • 3 drops = 1300% of RDA and one bottle will last the average person 3 months.

  • Ultra pure nascent iodine is easily absorbable for optimal tissue saturation.

  • Contains certified-USP grade iodine from an all-natural, deep earth source.

  • Has a glycerin base with a mild, sweet taste, won't burn like alcohol!

  • Never subjected to direct heat, harsh chemicals, or alcohol.

  • Vegan-friendly, non-radioactive, and completely non-toxic!

  • Certified organic.

Learn more about Detoxadine here.