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By ordering directly through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to best serve you and my family.

The Daysy fertility tracking computer uses the Fertility Tracker Method (FTM) to calculate your fertile days and predict your ovulation. This means, Daysy takes your basal body temperature and menstruation data, and calculates for you when you are fertile and when you are not.

The Lady-Comp is based on the methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and, as a reliable lifestyle fertility tracker, calculates the fertile and infertile phases of a woman's cycle on the basis of an effective, accurate and very sensitive computer-assisted basal body temperature measurement immediately after waking.

The Lilu Massager + Bra facilitates a hands-free breastfeeding and pumping experience in LESS time. 
Other benefits include:
Makes pumping easier and sustainable
Establishes milk supply
Regulates milk supply
Increases milk flow
Improves quality of breastmilk
Reduces pain from clogged ducts and mastitis
Shortens your nursing time
Better latching experience
Fully empty your breasts
Can improve breast appearance (eliminates sagging)
Ease tension in your chest muscles
Increases Lymphatic Drainage
Saves time

Find your fertile window and test for pregnancy with Stix award winning, over 99% accurate at-home pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. OBGYN-approved, discreetly delivered yeast infection care so you can test for, relieve, treat, and help prevent yeast infections — all from the comfort of home. Urologist-approved, discreetly delivered UTI care so you can test for, relieve, and help prevent UTIs — all from the comfort of home. Safe sex has never been more important than it is today. Get our award winning, OBGYN-approved Restart™ Morning-After Pill, ultra-thin condoms, and more.

Tempdrop brings the full fertility tracking solution to your smartphone. Whether you are looking to increase your chances of conceiving, or are practicing fertility awareness methods, Tempdrop is tailored to you. Tempdrop’s wearable sensor and accompanying charting app brings the full fertility charting solution to your smartphone.

Pregnancy and ovulations tests. Fertility tracking using an app.

-Predict: LH tests to identify your 2 most fertile days so you know the best time to try.

-Confirm: FDA-cleared PdG tests to confirm successful ovulation during the implantation window to allow for a higher chance at pregnancy.

-Check on Your Egg Count

Your ovarian reserve can impact your conception timeline. With Proov Reserve, you can check on your ovarian reserve status from the comfort of home, without a blood draw. The free Proov Insight app makes it easier than ever to keep track of testing and interpret your results to understand an estimate of where your egg count stands so you can make a plan for now, or later. 

-When you want to know if you’re pregnant, you want to know now. With Proov Check, you can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your next expected period – that’s 5 days sooner than the average pregnancy result. With clear, easy-to-read lines and 99% accuracy, you can feel confident in your Check result every time.

-At-Home Sperm Testing for Him

The male side can account for up to 30% of fertility issues. With the FDA cleared Proov + Yo Sperm Test, you can check on his swimmers and get pregnant faster. Unlike other sperm tests that only measure sperm count, the Proov + Yo test measures both his sperm motility and sperm count, to ensure his swimmers can get to where they need to go – your egg! Each male fertility test kit comes with 2 at-home sperm tests and the free Yo app.

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